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General Insurance

Types of Insurance Cover

Through our links to providers in all sectors of Financial Services, we can also provide the following:

  • Private Medical Insurance – Personal and Business
  • Residential Home Buildings & Contents Insurance
  • Landlord Buildings Insurance
  • Commercial Insurances
  • Specialist Insurances
  • Mortgage Payment Insurance

Private Medical Treatment

Private Medical Treatment is really a Life Saving Cover offered using the 4 main providers, Bupa, AXA, AVIVA & Vitality for Personal Healthcare & Business Healthcare. It is designed to ensure that if you need medical treatment in future, you won’t need to worry about NHS waiting lists or paying for the cost of the treatment. It’s designed to get you diagnosed and treated quickly, and will offer you a prompt referral to a consultant and admission to a private hospital at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Business Healthcare

This can add value to your business and relationship with your employees. It can help avoid long term employee absence waiting for NHS referrals & treatment. Improves staff productivity, motivation and morale. May help employees with stress related problems. Let’s face it, it is a lot easier to maintain a successful business and a happier work environment when your team are fit, healthy & happy.

Building & Content Insurance

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have adequate cover if you are buying a home.

Date Of Exchange cannot take place until Building Insurance has been put in place. We offer this service to also help your process continue smoothly.

Contents insurance however is normally incorporated within the same plan, but is not a legal requirement. We will ensure you are covered correctly to meet your requirements and review this yearly to help premiums remain competitive.

Landlord Insurance

Buy to Let Insurance is essential for anyone who is renting out their property. This Insurance provides peace of mind to your clients by protecting their home and possessions from loss or damage. This can include Rent Arrears indemnity, Legal cover to aid with evictions, property disputes, repossessions and home emergency cover.

When a client has more than one property, big savings can be achieved by combining these properties into one portfolio Insurance policy, with one monthly premium and one renewal. These policies are available via our Commercial & Non-Standard Referral service.

Commercial Insurance. Is your trade covered correctly?

We provide a range of solutions for Public and Employers Liability Insurance includes options for any industry, organisation or service. Our policies provide solutions for tradespeople, business owners, employees and public service organisations in low or high risk environments.

For example we offer Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, providing protection from being sued, or suffering losses through individual acts of negligence by an employee.

Mortgage Payments Insurance and Bills & Things

Mortgage Payments Insurance is an income protection policy that provides you with a monthly tax-free income in the event that sickness or injury prevents you from working. You can choose to cover just your monthly mortgage payment, or your mortgage payment plus other related expenses, allowing crucial household bills to be covered too, providing financial security for you and your family.