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Personal Protection

How much do your bills cost you each month?

Regardless of the answer, there’s one thing that’s the same for us all. We all need cash resources, readily available, to pay them. For most of us this comes from our monthly pay packet.

How would you cope if you weren’t paid for one month? for two months? or worse still, even longer?

What things could happen to you that might stop you receiving an income.

  • An accident
  • An illness
  • Unemployment
  • and even death


Unfortunately, none of us know exactly when any of these might happen to us, so it makes sense to protect our financial security in case they do.

What types of protection should you consider?

The answer to this will depend on your individual circumstances, but we can provide solutions from a range of quality providers, that meet your specific requirements.

Between them our providers protect against the following events:

  • Death
  • Suffering a Critical Illness
  • Replacing Income lost due to accident or illness
  • Unemployment


Life Assurance &
Family Income Benefit

Life Assurance protects your family financially by paying them a lump sum in the event of your death.

This can provide valuable financial resources to enable your dependents to repay a mortgage and any other outstanding debts, as well as provide funds to pay for their day to day living expenses.

Family Income Benefit is an alternative to Life Assurance except that it pays out a regular income instead of a lump sum.

This is generally a more economic solution and can also be used to cover the costs of School and/or University Fees by helping to ensure your children can still benefit from a good education even if you are not around to pay for these personally.

Income Protection

Income Protection, also known as Permanent Health Insurance, is designed to pay out a regular monthly income, to help replace your income, in the event of you suffering a sickness or accident. The replacement income is payable for as long it is needed until you are able to return to work.

Furthermore, any claims you have will not effect the terms of the policy, so your premiums won’t increase following a claim, and you can claim as many times as you need to throughout the policy term. These policies typically end at retirement.

Some Income Protection policies can also be extended to provide Unemployment cover.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover provides you with the peace of mind that, should you be diagnosed with a critical illness, a lump sum (or with some policies a regular income) will be payable to help you and your family financially. You can use the lump sum in any way you wish, but generally clients use it to pay off their mortgage or other debts, for medical care, convalescence, providing medical facilities in the home, or just to have a holiday to help recuperation.

The range of critical illnesses covered can vary quite a lot between different policies so our adviser will undertake research on your behalf, and will only recommend the most suitable policy based on your particular requirements.

Accident, Sickness & Unemployment (ASU) Cover

Whereas Income Protection policies are designed to provide long term income replacement, ASU policies perform a similar role, but they usually only provide a replacement income for up to 24 months per claim.

It is possible to provide you with a policy that covers you for Accident & Sickness (most usually for the self employed) or for Accident, Sickness & Unemployment, or occasionally for Unemployment only.

The terms and conditions of these policies can be affected by any claims you make, and premiums may increase, whether or not you have made any claims.